Solstice String Quartet
Type: Concert
Date: Sunday 20 June 2010


Jamie Campbell - First Violin
Helena Nicholls - Second Violin
Meghan Cassidy – Viola
Gregor Riddell - Cello
With Timothy Orpen - Clarinet

Concert sponsored by the Royal Over-Seas League

Haydn String Quartet Op 64 No 6
Janácek String Quartet No 2 “Intimate Letters”
Mozart Clarinet Quintet


The final concert of the 2010 Shaldon Festival maintained the excellent standard set over the three previous evenings. The young Solstice String Quartet were first prize winners in the prestigious 2009 Royal Over-Seas League Music Competition and we are most grateful to ROSL for financially supporting this concert. It was an honour to welcome Roderick Lakin, Director of Arts for the Royal Over-Seas League, who gave an introductory talk with a short history of the ROSL. It is a Commonwealth membership organization founded in 1910 to foster international understanding and friendship, and unlike other clubs at that time it offered women equal membership status to men. Today ROSL is a not-for-profit club, handily placed behind the Ritz Hotel in London, and the organizer of arts and educational projects.

It was fitting to follow Haydn’s Creation from the previous evening with his String Quartet in E Flat Major, Op.64 No.6; both works stemming from Haydn’s visit to London in 1791. The Opus 64 quartets received their first performance in June that year in the Festino Room in Hanover Square. The wit, sparkle and humour of this piece were all infectiously conveyed by the Solstice String Quartet in this performance; they were technically superb with a well balanced sound.

In the second piece, String Quartet No.2 “Intimate Letters”, the players captured the intensity and passion of this work, composed by Leoš Janá?ek in the last year of his life. Janá?ek’s unreciprocated passion for a much younger woman, Kamila Stösslová inspired him to express in music the kind of emotional turmoil usually expressed in words. Full of harmonic and rhythmic twists and turns, the Solstice String Quartet conveyed the different emotions well e.g. red-blooded passion, quiet contemplation, jealous anger, without losing the overall continuity of the music.

The clarinet player Timothy Orpen joined the Solstice String Quartet for the eagerly anticipated final work of the concert, Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet. To re-capture the authenticity of the work, Timothy Orpen had commissioned a clarinet maker to provide him with a basset clarinet; a standard clarinet but longer with additional keys to be able to play several lower notes. He explained to the audience that Anton Stadler, Mozart’s fellow Mason and gambling partner, had created his own basset clarinet for the first performance. The original manuscript has long disappeared, (probably stolen by Stadler) and subsequent scores were noted for the standard Eb clarinet so it is quite difficult to work out which notes should be played at the lower pitch.

The opening Allegro was played with feeling and empathy, leading into the Larghetto which is the heart of the work bringing the clarinet more into the limelight. It was a beautifully expressive performance by Timothy Orpen and the string players responded well by blending into the background at some points, but still reminding us of their presence. The dance-like third movement had many in the audience tapping their feet and the final theme and set of five variations provided a perfect platform for the highly skilled playing of these five young musicians.

Enid Hayles

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