A key part of the mission of the Shaldon Festival is to encourage young people to create and enjoy music.  Each year, in addition to the four evening concerts of the Festival, an educational event is planned.

Shaldon Festival 2019

This year we open our 30th Season Festival on Thursday, 20th June 2019 with the Bath Phil conducted by Jason Thornton.

Bathphil also has a Creative Learning Team, and have run many outreach projects with young people, including one at the Shaldon Festival in 2014.

Their 2019 concert programme includes the ELGAR Cello Concerto, and the basis for the Outreach project this year is to 'create a concerto'.

The team, including the orchestra's cellist, will work with groups from the 2 schools - Orchard Manor Dawlish and Teignmouth Community School - to develop a 'concerto' from scratch, to be performed at lunchtime on the day of the Bath Phil concert.

This is really exciting and will need a great deal of work. Sessions begin on the previous Sunday and continue intensively up until the concert day. It will be a fantastic learning experience for the children, and if the 2014 project is anything to go by, the resulting performance will be fascinating and enjoyable too.

Kate Hill-Art

18th January 2019