A key part of the mission of the Shaldon Festival is to encourage young people to create and enjoy music.  Each year, in addition to the four evening concerts of the Festival, an educational event is planned.

Shaldon Festival 2017  Friday 23rd June


BlissWorkshopWeb3.jpgFollowing their outstandingly successful concert of Latin American music on the opening night of the 2017 Festival, five players from the Julian Bliss Septet led a workshop session with the Teignmouth Community School jazz group the following morning.  

It was a great success and everyone involved was delighted. They started with some simple rhythm clapping, warm-up exercises and introduced some other rhythmic circle work.  After the break the 35 students involved played their own instruments, learning some Latin rhythms, playing harmonies using these rhythms, and then improvising over the top.  The quintet led the way, but quite a few students were brave enough BlissWorkshopWeb8.jpgto try improvising on their own, and even duetted with Julian or one of the other band members.  The workshop ended with a really interesting Q&A session.

The children really loved it, and the jazz musicians said they had had a brilliant time; lovely Festival, great venue, enjoyable workshop and impeccable organisation. They would like to come back.

We are most grateful to the Helen Foundation for supporting this workshop.