Endellion String Quartet
Type: Concert
Date: Sunday 23 June 1996

Endellion Quartet
Andrew Watkinson violin
Ralph de Souza violin
Garfield Jackson viola
David Waterman cello

Haydn: String Quartet Op. 76, No. 4 ‘Sunrise’
Wolf: Italian Serenade
Beethoven: String Quartet Op. 59, No. 2


The final concert in this year’s Seventh Shaldon Festival was given by The Endellion String Quartet. The combination of an excellent acoustic and one of the world’s leading string quartets made the occasion a particularly memorable one. The programme offered was suitably varied, ranging from Haydn to Barber.

The first item, Haydn’s “Sunrise” quartet immediately established the ensemble’s attention to details of style and the high level of communication and understanding among the players. These are particularly required in the late Haydn quartets with their frequent use of antiphony and their exploration of all the combinations of the four instruments. As with all Haydn Quartets, the first violin part is the most demanding, but the ensemble’s leader, Andrew Watkinson, presented his part with style and bravura throughout.

The quartet inserted into their published programme the original string quartet version of Barber’s Adagio, a work they have recorded in its entirety. This was a warm, forward-moving performance in which the viola playing of Garfield Jackson stood out in tone and control of line. It would perhaps have been worthwhile to perform the entire quartet, enabling us to see the famous movement in its proper context, rather than as a classical ‘pop’.

The final item of the first half was Wolf’s Italian Serenade, a one-movement work full of racy salterellos and tarantellas which the players seemed really to enjoy, presenting it with the appropriate sense of dance and humour.

The concert concluded with the immense E minor quartet from Beethoven’s three ‘Rasomovsky’ quartets, a work of great contrasts which the players conveyed effectively, ranging from the rapt concentration of the lengthy ‘adagio’ to the extrovert bravura of the finale.

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